Beginners Guide To Starting A Blog


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Beginners Guide To Starting A Blog

I’ve been crafting since I was a child, so we can safely say a loooong time 😀  … I’ve always enjoyed making gifts for friends and family because when I was growing up we used to make gifts in our family instead of buying them because there certainly wasn’t a lot of money around, so we made the most of what we had. I always enjoyed crafting, but as I got older it really turned into quite a passion of mine. I really wanted to be able to “turn my passion into profit” so that way I could do more of what I love instead of going out to work in a ‘conventional’ job and struggling to find time to do my crafts.

I’m really pleased to be able to say that my crafting, which is my passion, is also my full time income! I know there are so many people that want to be able to do the same thing… And you can! 🙂

There really has been no better time than right now to “Turn your passion into profit!”

In this age of the blogger, it really is very easy to set up your brand new internet based business! Yes, it really is very easy to get started, and I’ll guide you through it step by step.

I started making money from my blog in the first month… Admittedly it was only £275… But it was enough to make me realize how I could build on it and turn it into something much, much bigger… Boy was I excited! And I still am!

It took me a long time to start my first blog! Well to be more precise… I wasted far too much time just thinking about blogging! I thought I wasn’t computer savvy enough to be able to do it… I was sure I would have to hire someone to build it for me, and then I would come along and post on it!

I really didn’t have a clue how it all worked, and that put me off even trying! I really wish I’d had this How to start a blog guide back then!

When I eventually took the plunge, I realized I could do it… And then I realized I can make a decent living from it too! And now, here we are a few months down the road, and I’m able to help you make that jump too… It really is very easy!

  • I’ve wanted to be a blogger for ages, but I just don’t know where to start!
  • I want to start a blog, but I don’t know what to write about!
  • Why can’t we earn a living doing what we love?
  • Why do we have to go out to work and spend 40 plus hours a week making money for a big corporation?
  • Why do we have to go back to work and leave our babies for someone else to look after?
  • Why can’t we work the hours we want, so it fits around our family time?
  • I love doing crafts, but it will never pay the bills… Will it?

If any, or all of the above rings true for you, then you are in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time! I will guide you every step of the way to get your blog up and running with this how to start a blog guide. Read more

How To Make A Round Image For Blogger About Me Page

Make A Round Image For Blog

How To Make A Round Image For Blogger About Me Page Using Microsoft Word and Paint.

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I’ve had  quite a few people ask me how to make a round picture that goes in the side bar of their blog, so I thought I would put a tutorial on here to show you how I do it. I know some people make round images using Photoshop, but I don’t do it that way because I use Microsoft Word and Paint and I think it’s far simple.

Although there are a few steps to the process, it really is quite easy to make a round image for blogger page and I’m going to show you with step by step photos how I do it…

Read more