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Are you a jewelry maker and want to know where to buy your Jewelry making supplies at wholesale prices?

Do you want a website where you can buy small or large quantities of wholesale jewelry & findings for your craft store or gift shop?

where to buy jewelry making supplies

I want to share something very special with you!

I’ve been an online retailer for many years now, I’ve sold thousands of different craft based products and jewelry making supplies… And now I’m going to share with you my best wholesaler!

I know what it’s like to try and find a wholesaler for your business, especially if you’re not experienced in the business world. It can be scary putting your trust in a company that you don’t know… Will you actually receive your order? Will it be of poor quality? How will they want payment? Do I have to be a business to buy from them? Do they have a minimum order price which could be thousands of dollars

These are all questions that concerned me when I first started, and I did struggle to find a company that I was happy with. Now I’m really pleased to be able to help you take some of those concerns out of the equation..

The company I can highly recommend is 8Seasons

Bulk Low PrIced Jewerly Supplies Stock Sale

This is a company that I’ve used for over 8 years and I’ve placed hundreds of orders with them for my jewelry making supplies, & I’ve only ever received the best customer service and great quality products from.

One of the things I really like about this craft wholesaler is that, you don’t have to buy thousands of the same item, in fact you can just buy one item if you want to, there is no minimum order quantity. They have a huge range of stock from jewelry making supplies, buttons, ready made jewelry, ribbons & bows, crochet & knitting accessories, scrapbooking accessories, gifts, beads, charms…. The list just goes on.

8Seasons really do make it easy for you to shop with them, you can change the currency to suit you, so you know exactly how much you’re paying for something and you don’t have to try and work out the currency conversion rate. They also calculate any shipping costs for you, so you can see exactly how much your total is before you commit to buying. You can choose from a list of different shipping methods, and the prices and estimated delivery times are made clear so it’s easy for you to choose the one you prefer. The delivery times they state are pretty spot on, most of my orders have been delivered in about 7 days or less… That’s pretty good going for delivery from China to The UK.

Another great thing about 8Seasons is that they have a loyalty scheme, so the more you buy with them over a period of time, the bigger the discount… We all like a decent discount, right!  🙂

Watch out for their deals too, not only is this a great crafts wholesaler with great prices, but they also do some fantastic deals on top, quite often they have ‘weekend deals’ so make sure you sign up for their newsletter so you get notified about sales and offers. (you won’t get spammed by them)

You will be assigned a dedicated customer service person that will answer any queries you might have… So if ever you email them, you’ll always be messaged back by the same person, so it’s much easier to build up a rapport… My customer service lady is called Grace and she’s lovely 🙂

So whether you are looking for a wholesaler for your crafts to make and sell business or cheap jewelry for personal use, PandaHall is an excellent place to buy from. If you are part of a craft group you might want to join together and buy jointly so you get better discounts.

Be warned though, it’s very addictive because the prices are so cheap… I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised 🙂 … Happy shopping!  😀

Feel free to share this blog post with your friends and groups, let’s help others get some great savings too! 😀


Top Quality Jewelry Findings in Hot Sale Items

I hope you have fun making all crafts that you enjoy.

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