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Crochet Pattern Terms In UK And US… 

Crochet is such a wonderful hobby, but it can be a little confusing at times, especially if you’re new to crochet and you keep seeing different terms in US or UK and you get confused about what they mean or which ones to use.

Have you ever looked at a crochet pattern and thought “I don’t understand this because it’s got UK terms and I only know how to crochet with US terms”? (or vice versa) … Well this chart will help you out (there is a printable PDF version further down this post) This is a handy chart that you can print out and keep with your crochet projects or pin onto your wall in your crochet area so it’s always at hand when you need a quick reminder.

UK v US crochet terms

How To Tell If It’s A Pattern That Uses

UK Or US Crochet Terms

There are a few things to look for that will help you when you’re not sure if

the pattern is written in UK or US crochet terms.

  • Look to see if there is any mention of using Single Crochet (sc) … If there is single crochet in the pattern then it is most likely to be US terms because there is no single crochet in UK crochet.
  • Look at the hook sizes it states in the crochet pattern… For example, if it says to use a size J10 hook, then it is most likely a US terms pattern as UK would state 6mm  (Click here to see my easy to print crochet hook size chart)
  • A lot of pattern designers are helpfull enough to put both US and UK crochet terms in the pattern… So if the pattern is using US terms, the UK terms might be put in brackets next to it.
  • Look out for spellings that are different in the UK to US… For example US Gray = UK grey


The Best Way To Convert Crochet Stitches From US to UK

The easiest way to convert crochet stitches from US to UK terms (or vice versa) whilst working from a pattern is to remember that Slip Stitch is the same in both UK and US terms… Then there is no Single Crochet in UK terms… And the UK terms are one stitch up from US terms… For example US Single Crochet = UK Double Crochet… and … US Double Crochet = UK Treble Crochet

If you’re struggling to remember as you go through the pattern, then there is always the option to write the terms you prefer at the side of the ones in the pattern.

The best option of all is to Print out this cheat sheet (the link is below)

I created for you and pin it to your wall for quick and easy reference

Click Here For The

Printer Friendly PDF Version

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