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crochet necklace

I’m all about hand made gifts… I love making something that I know will be appreciated when I gift it to someone (or at least I hope it will lol )… And these Crochet necklaces make perfect little gifts!

I just think they are so pretty, and to me they look like they’re made of lots of little glistening beads instead of yarn 😀

What I also love about them is… they’re adjustable!

I’ve threaded both ends in opposite directions through a bead, and then you can pull the ends of the necklace to make it longer or shorter

crochet necklace

It can be worn in more of a choker style, close up around the neck, or hanging looser around the chest.

They are made with Ladder yarn (sometimes called trellis yarn) which comes in lots of beautiful colors… so make loads to match all your different outfits 😀 and they are so easy to make too.

To make them you will need…

  • Ladder yarn

  • 2 sizes of crochet hooks… (a larger one to make the necklace and a smaller one to thread the yarn through the bead)

  • A bead 

  • Scissors

How To Make Them…

Once you’ve chosen the color yarn you want… Which is a difficult task in itself because there are so many beautiful colors… You’ll need to make some lengths of chain stitches. That’s all this necklace is made up with… No fancy complicated stitches to get to grips with here, just good ole crochet chains.

So you can make as many chains as you like… and you can make them as long as you like. I tend to make about 7 or 8 chains… and I make them about 18 inches or so long…. You’ll need to leave a tail at the beginning and end of the chain about 8 – 10 inches long, depending on how much adjustment you want in your necklace.

Place all your chains parallel with each other with all the centers of the chains level with each other. Then tie the ends of your group of chains together at either end of the chains… (Just before the tail ends start) 

Now you want to pull one end of the tails through your bead (using your smaller crochet hook).

Next, use your small crochet hook to pull the yarn from the other end tails through the bead, but the opposite way to the first end, so they cross over… It’s easier if you pull one or two through at a time as it gets a bit tight trying to yet all the yarn to fit in the bead… It can be quite fiddly to do, but perseverance is the key here 😀  

Then tie the loose ends of both ends of the tails and trim to neaten them up.

And you’re done!

I’ve made a video tutorial to help, so if you get stuck, just scroll down and have a look at that 😀


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