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Motivation For Bloggers

I know how difficult it can be sometimes to stay motivated about your blog after the initial excitement wears off.

But think back to those early days when you was full of enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to get started. There were reasons you was so enthusiastic, so remember what they were and don’t give up on your dreams.

I made a short Motivation For Bloggers video that I hope you’ll like and maybe it just might help!

Think back to those early days when you were motivated to get started.

What was it you was so keen to share with everyone?

What was the reason you gave up on your dream?

I wonder if you just couldn’t think of topics to write about, because I hear this time and time again from people I help with their blogs. 

I’m continually taking notes of things that come to mind that I want to blog about, if I haven’t got my notebook to hand then I record it on my phone as that’s never very far away from me. 

It really is a great way to get ideas, so maybe you could have a notebook especially for this very thing and write across the front cover in big bold letter…

Motivation For Bloggers!

Once you start making notes, you’ll probably find inspiration from all sorts of places. I’m always looking on different craft sites… Because I’m a little bit addicted to crafting 😀 … And I find so many things I want to do, and then I just want to share them with the world.

Another great thing to do if you get stuck for ideas is to use Google… Just put your topic in Google search with blog post ideas… So you would put in the search bar … ” *your topic* blog post ideas ” You’ll be amazed at how many ideas come up, then you can add them to your list 😀 

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I hope you have lots of fun making a blog.

Sharing is caring!