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quick and easy crochet baby blanket pattern 3

Crochet This Quick And Easy Moss Stitch Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket Using The So Crafty Baby Yarn From Aldi Or Bernat Baby Blanket yarn

After I was told that my gorgeous Fiona was pregnant with her first baby I just had to have a trip to Aldi to buy some yarn to make her a baby blanket!

quick and easy crochet baby blanket pattern 3

Well let’s face it, any excuse reason to buy more yarn is good, but a new baby has got to be the best reason ever!! 😀

I just love making blankets
because I find them so relaxing to do… So I set about trying to decide which
design I wanted and I came up with this… Which I have to say, I think it turned
out beautifully!

It’s so easy to make and this yarn is super soft… This particular yarn is called “So Crafty, Baby Yarn” and the colours I used are Aqua and Lemon. I’m in the UK and I know that although Aldi is also in the USA, I don’t think they sell yarn there yet… fingers crossed they will soon because Aldi don’t have yarn in all the time, but when they do, some of it is lovely and quite reasonably priced.

You could also use Bernat baby blanket yarn, there are some great color choices on Amazon to get a similar style.

quick and easy crochet baby blanket pattern 3

I made this using The Moss Stitch and it’s super easy and works up really quickly.

This yarn is 100% polyester… chunky… and It’s a chenille-style yarn.

It suggests using a size 8mm crochet hook, but I wanted it to be a bit of a closer knit with it being for a baby, so I used a size 5.5mm (9/I)

I’m using US crochet terms

SC = Single Crochet … (in UK
terms that’s Double Crochet)

So this is how I made it…

I used 300gms of Aqua and
240gms of Lemon

To start… Using Aqua (or your 1st choice color)

Chain 96

Row 1:  SC in second chain from hook + chain 1, skip a chain, SC + chain 1 in next chain, repeat to the end of the row (you should end on a SC), chain 1 and turn your work.

Row 2:  SC in first stitch, SC + chain 1 in next chain space, SC + chain 1 in all the chain spaces from previous row, end with a SC in the last SC stitch.

Change to your 2nd color … Ch1 and turn your work.

Row 3:  SC in first stitch, SC + chain 1 in the next chain space, SC + chain 1 in all the chain spaces from previous row. At the end of the row skip a SC stitch and then SC into the last stitch… Ch1 and turn your work

Row 4:  Repeat row 3 in same color

Then change to color 1 and repeat row 3 for the next 2 rows.

Continue doing 2
rows of each color until you reach the desired length … I did 70 rows.

Then Row 71 (which was Aqua – color 1) I did a row of SC.

You can either
finish it there or add a border … It looks great with or without a border, but
I added a border by doing a round of colour 1 in SC … 3 SC into each corner
stitch. Then a round of color 2 in SC.. Then finished with a round of color 1
in SC.

Sew in the ends … and you’re done!

The finished size is approximately 40 inches wide x 34 inches long with the border… You can obviously make it as big or small as you like … A lovely snuggly blanket is not just gorgeous for babies after all! 😉

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