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the easy way to sew in ends

Now, those of us that crochet or knit, tend to find that it turns into a bit of an obsession, and often have several works in progress (WIP) at the same time. I’ve just had a quick count up in my head and I’ve got six projects on my crochet hooks… seven if you count the new stitch that I’m trying to master, (not actually making anything with it, just working up a few rows to practice). 


But I’m sure most of us have something else in common too …

I’m really excited about my latest purchase for my crochet hooks tool kit, . 😀

What is the one thing that most people that crochet or knit really don’t like to do?


 “Sewing in those pesky ends!”

I know there are some of us hookers that actually ‘like’ doing that part.’ (before I get shouted at 😀 ). But for those of us that really don’t like doing it, I found some Finishing Needles that make really quick work of those tatty tails.

I do crochet over the ends as I go, when the pattern allows it, but I still like to sew them in to make sure they are nice and secure too. These fab needles are by Susan Bates, and those of you that know me will already know that I’m a big fan of Susan Bates crochet hooks,  so when I found these I just had to try them for myself. If you struggle to thread yarn into the eye of a needle because of poor eyesight or fine motor skills then these will help you massively. 

You get four needles in the pack in different colours and sizes, and they are made of plastic. When I first got them I thought they might break quite easily, but I’ve been using them for about 3 months now and they’ve had constant use with no problems at all.

One of the reasons I love them so much is because you can sew in even the shortest of ends really easily.

They have a nice pointy end which helps push it through even the tightest of yarns. These finishing needles are also excellent for pulling through snags on clothing, I honestly can’t think of any easier way to sew in ends of crochet or knitting projects, and these are never going to be far away from my crochet hooks from now on.  😀 


I’d be really interested to hear what you think of them, or if you’ve found a better way to sew in your ends. 🙂 

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I hope you have lots of fun with your crafts.

Sharing is caring!