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free crochet scarf pattern

Free Crochet Scarf Pattern.

This is a lovely scarf and is really simple to make

I’ve made loads of these scarves, for gifts and also to sell… Just because I really love making them! 😀

Just use this free crochet scarf pattern and any yarn that you choose to make great scarfs as gifts or even better,… for yourself 😀

 I’ve used James C Brett Marble Chunky … I really do use this yarn a lot because it’s my favorite yarn. I love the colour combinations and the softness of it, it works up beautifully, and because it’s so chunky, it also works up quickly. It’s a great yarn for scarves and cowls… Also afghans, I’ve lost count of the amount of afghans I’ve made with it over the years. I’m currently working on a C2C (Corner to Corner) afghan  in MC66 right now and it’s looking gorgeouuuus.

They are great for making in more masculine colours and giving as gifts to those “difficult to buy for men” 

They are all numbers for their colours… I think it would be nice if they had actual colour names, but hey ho!

Anyway, back to the scarf 😀

We will be working this scarf by working along the length… So you will know approximately how long it will be from the start, and then you will be making it wider as you work each row along the length

For these scarves I used

size J-10 – 6mm crochet hook

Approximately 140grams James C Brett Marble Chunky Yarn 


Needle to weave in the ends or Finishing Needle

Stitches used = US Terms

Ch = Chain

St = Stitch

Hdc = Half Double Crochet

BLHdc = Back Loop Half Double Crochet

To start CH 160

Row 1 Hdc in the 2nd Ch from the hook and then in each St to the end. Ch2 and turn your work

Row 2 Hdc in the 2nd Ch from hook … then BLHdc in all until the last but one St … Hdc in last St … Ch2 and turn your work.

Repeat Row 2 another 9 times (or until desired width of scarf is achieved)

ROW 12 Hdc in each St to the end

For your tassels, cut 25cm lengths of yarn and loop them through the ends of the scarf to make tassels approximately 12cm long (or how ever long you prefer them)

My scarves measure approximately 65 inches x 7 inches before adding the tassels

And you’re done!! It really is that simple!

free crochet scarf pattern

I added some personalized fabric labels that I made myself to the end, just to give it another added touch for a gift made with love! 🙂

Check out the beautiful colour range of James C Brett

By clicking on the image above

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