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Have you ever wanted to start an art or craft project, but couldn’t get started because you got stuck on color combination ideas?

Well you’re certainly not on your own, in fact it has happened to me many times!

I have a lot of artist friends, I’m also involved with many online help forums and it’s a problem I see a lot! 

Which is why I decided to create some color combination ideas charts.

color combination ideas

Doing any type of arts and crafts is a lot of fun, otherwise they wouldn’t be amongst the biggest growing hobbies worldwide! But it can be so frustrating when all you want to do is get creating something new and wonderful, but you just can’t decide on a color theme!

Choosing the best colors is not just for art and crafts, there are many times in our lives when we need to choose the best color combinations. It could be choosing colors for a website design, making a blog, theme for a room decor, or simply putting clothing colors together, knitting and crochet… In fact any time you need to put colors together.

I’ve been doing a lot of paint pouring art lately, so I’ve been using these color inspiration charts myself to get ideas for my paint pours. If you also do art, or paint pours, you might find this article about paint pouring for beginners helpful.

If you want to see how I create some of my paint pouring art you can see my videos on YouTube here

I don’t usually have too much trouble putting colors together, in fact, I have a real love for color and enjoy experimenting with different combinations and mixing my own paint pallet shades…  But sometimes my mind just goes blank and I just can’t come up with any color combination ideas! 

Many years ago, I started saving pictures from magazine when I saw a color combo that I liked. I’d tear out the page and put it into a little file … Yes, an actual real file, not a file on the computer (I am that old) then when I got stuck trying to choose colors I’d go to my little file and look through my pictures until I found one that would work.

I haven’t done it that way for a long time, but I do it all online now… When I see an image that I like, I save it into a file on my laptop. 

Unfortunately I can’t share all those images with you because they are not ‘public domain’, meaning they belong to someone else and I haven’t got the rights to share them online… But it is perfectly fine to put them into a file and use them just for reference.

If you don’t already do that, then maybe you could start a collection of your own. I do try to keep them in some sort of order, then I don’t get completely overwhelmed with looking through so many images all at once.

I start with one file which I label as ‘Color Combination ideas’ then I have other files inside that file to break them down a bit.

colour combination ideas

It’s lots of fun to do, and I love searching for new images, but those darn cute cat pictures can get so distracting… but they are sooo cute! laughing

how to choose colors for painting

As you can see from these two pictures, there are a lot of shades of color that you don’t immediately see when just glancing… But when you actually start looking for colors within an image, you will hopefully be inspired to put some of the colors together in your art.

choosing colors from an image

If you look at images of nature, you will see lots of colors that work really well with each other. Sunsets are my all time favourites for color inspiration, especially sunsets over the ocean… The reflections they have are often quite beautiful.

how to choose colors for blog

If you don’t want to start your own collection of color combination ideas, I have put together some color charts that you are welcome to use for your own inspiration.

I have made it super easy, as I have done them in combinations of 3, 4, 5 and 6 colors, so depending how many you want for your project, you will hopefully get some ideas from them.

choosing a color pallet
choosing a colour pallet
paint pour colors

My aim wasn’t to put together all the colors I thought would work well together, but to inspire the thought process whilst looking at different combinations.

You can get the free color inspiration chart below

Do you ever have problems thinking of color combinations? What tricks and tips do you usually use? Let me know in the comments below.

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