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Hair Chalk

Hair chalks really do work, I’ve been using them for years and love them. I just got some new ones and was having a little play with them and then thought I’d make a video to show you guys how I get on with them. The colours don’t show so well on the video or photos, but in real life they stand out much more <3


I bought these hair chalks off Amazon and they have some fab colours in them, and as I’m such a big fan of colours these are perfect for me. The beauty of using hair chalks is that you can put them in your hair and do whatever mix of colours you like and then if you fancy a change they just wash out and you can try a different colour combo.


They’re non toxic so nothing to worry about there  and hair chalks are great for kids as they wash out, so they can have ‘my little pony’ hair colours for the weekend and then wash it out before they go to school. 


You can use it on wet or dry hair, but the way I use it is to get a little pot with some warm water in it and dip the end of the chalk in the water, just for 3 or 4 seconds, and then get a section of hair and run the chalk down the hair several times until you have as much colour on it as you want.

Paint on Hair Chalk

You can also put a little drop of water in a small container (something like a paint mixing pallet works well) and dip the hair chalk into it until the colour transfers to the water, then you can use a paint brush and brush it onto your hair. This method works well if you want to be a bit more precise as to where the colour goes of if you want finer streaks of colour.

Cover Up For Grey Hair Or Roots

Another great use for hair chalk is to cover up any grey roots, or if you have previously coloured your hair but your natural colour is growing out again… Just use the closest colour to your hair and run it over the roots that you need to change the colour of… This is perfect for a quick touch up job if you’re going on a night out.

Chalk On Dark Hair

Something to note with hair chalks is that you can’t use all the colours on darker hair as they don’t show up so well, but the brighter colours look amazing… If you have light coloured hair you should be fine with all the colours.

It can ‘stain’ your hair a bit, so if it doesn’t all wash out after the first wash, don’t panic, it will come out after another wash or 2

I have to say though, I absolutely love this hair chalk (even if it does come off on the pillow a bit) I just love that you can change your hair colour as many times as you like and it doesn’t damage your hair.

Top Tip:  After you’ve put the hair chalk into your hair, if you add some heat by using a straightener or curling wand, it will set the colour a bit more and will make it last longer… Also using hairspray will help to keep the colour for longer too.

Hair Chalk Combs

You can also get some great hair chalks that are in combs, so then you just comb it through your hair to transfer the colour… You can get those HERE


So I made a video of me using it so feel free to take a look at that, (below) then you’ll see how hair chalk works on my darker hair



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